AM transmission equipment, transmission STL and RPU.

STL: a way to feed the audio signal from the studio to launch room, or from a remote feed to the studio equipment. Major manufacturers such as Marti company, SmartiPOT encoder solution, the main products are RPT-40-type RPU transmitter and R-10 type receiver variable products, recently launched a new frequency synthesis models, its most important feature is crowded RPU band work with sufficient flexibility. Marti has also recently received the 950MHz Dolby Stone Road II and high-quality digital STL products, Marti Cellcast company also provides products, this product is compatible Comrex / Gentner frequency extender, which can be used within 3W cell phone or normal telephone line to work. That has the console and the battery, so no matter where, can set the remote communication capabilities.
QEI's CAT-LinK T1 STL has many years of history, there are more AES / EBU I / O interfaces to all-digital conditions. QEI applications for the RPU to provide Quick LinK II dual-channel digital spread-spectrum systems, it comes with analog I / O and a built-in microphone before the class. But the sight distance needs to be working well.
Moseley-Associates introduced Starlink Series STL system. The series has two forms: SL9003T1 in a leased T1 line, while the SL9003Q have a 15W 950MHz transmitter and receiver are compatible for broadcast situations. Starlink's features are: AES / EBU and analog I / O; 4 audio channel 15MHz. To facilitate the adjustment and inspection and troubleshooting, with a complete measuring and diagnostic devices. Moseley also offers famous PCL-6000STL equipment and the DSP-6000 digital STL codec. Applications in the RPU, Moseley RPL-4000 can be used for distance-based program synthesis chain. These devices with built-in mixer 3-way, for stand-alone long distance in broadcasting.
Intraplex company for radio and television show production of 400 "STL Plus" system, which has a two-way, linear and transmission of uncompressed audio data.
Energy-Onix produced STL-1/STL-2 frequency 950MHz STL, Digital One digital STL encoder and decoder. Harris displayed a CD LINR this year uncompressed digital 950MHz STL. This device is an independent device, which can accommodate a single AES / EBU audio input or two 15MHz line. Has two auxiliary data channel, a rate of 4,800 baud, and the other a rate of up to 9,600 baud. Any options are: 2 6kHz auxiliary audio channel or a 12kHz channel. DSP stereo receiver there is a generator for actuator feed or direct digital signal synthesis. Receiver can simultaneously receive all channels signals for remote control, SCA, RBDS, and other applications provide a great convenience.
TFT display its sophisticated 9100 Series 950Mhz STLymtlt DMM 92 Digital encoder / decoder.
Link Communications produced 800MHz/1.6GHz (950MHz optional) STL system.
AEQ manufactures a complete line of portable codecs, mixers and mixer expander.
AM with the new equipment:
Broadcast Electronics will present their latest model of Power Mizer 1kW AM transmitter. Machine installed in 2 rack chassis can be inserted in the (user-owned frame), only 25-inch size, weighing about 90 pounds more, and the price very attractive. Features are: E class push-pull power amplifier, 73% of the machine efficiency, and built-in C-Quam stereo exciter. Using Power Mizer technology, BE has also launched the single market, the cheapest solid 10kW transmitter rack. It prides itself on its 145% of the modulation, C-Quam AM stereo and BE's unique E-class amplifier.
Omnitronix's OMNI-100K extension of solid-state transmitter with antenna, power supply transient protection module design. The company also manufactures a full range of digital solid state AM transmitter and short-wave transmitters.
Potomac Instruments Introduces 1900 Series directional antenna monitoring device, SMR-11 AM monitor receiver, FIM-41 TV Field Test Instruments, and SD-31 synthesizer / detector, remote control, AM transmitters, and other peripherals.
Delta Electronics Inc. AM launch product categories are available. In addition to all TCT RF ammeter series, also developed a digital radio frequency ammeter, its performance and simulation of TCT ammeter the same, but to overcome the shortcomings of the simulation table. The company also manufactures RG-4 Receiver - generator, OIB-3 extended-range work Impedance Bridge, adjacent channel interference monitor, CPB-1 common point bridge, full C-Quam AM stereo exciter and stereo modulation monitor .
Continental Electronics Corporation's new products are three solid state AM transmitter: 314D (1kW), 315D (5kW) and 316D (10kW). The transmitter looks simple compact design is simple and durable good.
In addition to producing a full set of AM Phasetek company launched components, but also produce custom phase device, the static drain choke, spark gap, the RF amp meter and a variety of sizes of RF switch.
Nautel company exhibited a new series of solid state AM transmitter XL. The series of relatively simple design, compact structure. XL-12 (12kW), and XL-60 (60kW) ND-50 transmitter transmitter is only one-third of the volume. The company also ND5 type 5kW transmitter, as well as ND Series 1kW and 2.5kW models, optional configuration built-in C-Quam stereo exciter.
Kintronic Laboratories introduced the antenna controller software programming, which uses PCL technology and can be local or remote antenna switch. In addition to the antenna control, it also allows monitoring of the RF current and transmitter on / off control. Kintronic also produce false load amplitude and the static drain choke series spark gap, RF switch, grounding plate convergence AM transmitting equipment and other components.
Harris Corporation has a very mature DX Series digital modulation amplitude modulation transmitter. These transmitters are used efficiently patented digital modulation. Product type with Gates Five 5kW solid state AM transmitter.
LPB company can supply 30,60,120 W series low-power AM transmitters.

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