tell you what you need and how to put together an FM radio

Here is a perfect simple one transistor FM radio to build. Here is a good starter DIY project for anyone interested in audio. This simple radio uses an inductor as both the oscillator circuit and the antenna. It just uses one JFET transistor. There are two designs on this site. The first one is a circuit that will run a high impedance earphone, and another that will run regular headphones. This radio can be tuned by either changing the distance between the coils in the homemade inductor, or by turning the trimming capacitor. This changes the frequency oscillations, and tunes the radio to the correct FM frequency.

…AM radio circuits and kits abound. Some work quite well. But, look around and you will find virtually no FM radio kits. Certainly, there are no simple FM radio kits. The simple FM radio circuit got lost during the transition from vacuum tubes to transistors. In the late 1950s and early 1960s there were several construction articles on building a simple superregenerative FM radio. After exhaustive research into the early articles and some key assistance from a modern day guru in regenerative circuit design, I have developed this simple radio kit. It is a remarkable circuit. It is sensitive, selective, and has enough audio drive for an earphone…

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